Behind The Seams

Friday 19th May 2017

A little later than we initially suggested, ( really sorry's been sooo busy lately ), here's what's been happening at the Kinky Factory over the last week...

Those of you who follow us on social media will probably know that last Friday we were in London for a meeting with one of Britains oldest & longest established department stores, to discuss the opportunity of stocking Kinky Knickers this coming Autumn, through until Christmas, as a 'pop up' feature in store. The meeting went really well and we're all a tad excited about it but there's much work to be done in order for this to happen so keeping our fingers & toes and everything else for that matter well and truly crossed.

Monday was manic, as it usually is, dealing with the weekend's orders and holding production & development meetings with the rest of the team. These meetings determine the priorities for the week ahead and sometimes beyond, in terms of what orders needs to be made, what samples / styles need to be developed and what the factory needs in order for the magic to happen...ahem! ;-)

We also took delivery of some truly gorgeous Liberty print cotton lawn fabric for one customer's order, unfortunately it's not for our own Kinky production...shucks!

For those of you who know us well, we also manufacture lingerie & sleepwear for a number of other well known brands and this particular Liberty fabric was for them so on this occasion it's 'hands off' Kinky Knickers!

Our Creative Director, Paulette, had a little spring in her step earlier this week as she's off on holiday now for 7 days of sun, sand & copious amounts of sangria, however once she realised all that had to be done before she left, that spring soon turned into a bit of a sprint.

This week, we've also arranged for a a really great guy named Rufus, (no, he's not from Middleton), to come in to the factory soon and make a short film for our website so you can see the factory's inner workings first hand. While we're all thrilled about this, some of our more socially aware colleagues are demanding 'make overs' prior to filming! ...diva machinists, who'd of thought!

Back to the filming bit though, to make this interesting our thoughts at the moment are to film the production of a pair of Kinky Knickers right the way through from cutting room to packaging them up for an order and all that happens in between? If anyone has any better suggestions we'd love to hear from you, so please email us at

And now back to Rufus... Rufus has spent his career in professional media production but has, more recently decided to design & manufacture his own range of luxury men's underwear. This is how we first met and we're honoured to be tasked with handling all the cutty, sewy bits for him, so more news on this soon...really great product though.

Yesterday we welcomed one of our lace suppliers to the factory to go through some possible new design options for the Kinky Knickers lace. Developing a new lace or laces is not a quick & simple task by any stretch, if you'll excuse the pun! ;-) ...there are many, many factors involved and did you know it can take up to two weeks just to thread up one of the older types of lace machine, before it can start knitting??!!

So with all the design work, testing, sampling, testing again etc. etc. we're hoping to woo you this coming Autumn with some new & lovely laces, well and many other things too... obviously!!

We've also been fortunate enough to welcome another two Kinky Knicker independent stockists into our fold, Dragonfly Boutique in Hebden Bridge & Beauty Salon in Sheffield, so if anyone's in those areas we'd love you to support them.

Apparently Dragonfly Boutique with it's Kinky Knickers window posters was seen on Channel 4 News earlier this week as the press followed Jeremy Corbyn on his campaign trail. Not the publicity we were hoping for, Pippa Middleton's wedding would have been better but hey, guess you take what you can get sometimes. ;-)

So... that's a little of the more interesting news from the factory for this week and please remember to get in touch with any ideas for a short film. X