About Us (Kinky Knickers - Beautiful Lingerie)

The 'Kinky Knickers' brand of British made handmade lingerie was brought to market by passionate clothing & retail guru Mary Portas.

Mary's been in the fashion & retail business for over thirty years and owing to her enduring and absolute passion for quintessentially English products, in 2011 she created her own entirely British designed & manufactured lingerie brand.

Always designed with comfort in mind, the joint focus of Mary & Kinky Knickers is to deliver huge heaps of glamour, a generous sprinkling of sex appeal and a VPL free touch to boot….plus each garment comes with a little hidden message inside!

Headen & Quarmby (UK) Ltd, with over 80 years of specialist lingerie & sleepwear manufacturing knowledge, was delighted to partner Mary on the journey to make the most beautiful British lingerie.

Each garment's made with all the love & care you'd expect by our amazing factory production team here in Middleton, Greater Manchester and it’s our mission to shine a light back on Great British Manufacturing and everything it represents.

At one point in time, Manchester was a manufacturing colossus and one of the main centres for high quality lingerie production here in the UK.  Unfortunately, in response to ever increasing market pressures over the last three decades garment production rapidly moved offshore leaving only a few small very specialised businesses behind.

Headen & Quarmby was one of those businesses!

As well as producing the 'Kinky Knicker' garment range, under Mary's watchful eye & close involvement, Headen & Quarmby work continuously and diligently on new styling design ideas & colour options in order to bring beautifully made, comfortable & inspired lingerie to as many people as possible.

...All of this from Mary and Headen & Quarmby, but the best thing is... it's truly British through & through.